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Architectural Design: New Working Spaces
English/Spanish | Links International | ISBN 84-89861-18-8 | PDF | 235 pages | 34.84 MB

New Working Spaces features architecture created for the tertiary sector which has become a hot topic at present. The application of new computer technologies has caused a revolution in the way that we work, which in turn has caused a revolution in the way are accommodated at work. As this book demonstrates a more pleasant working environment is being created through the application of criteria such as intelligent construction, ergonomics, improved air conditioning systems, new cladding methods, ecological efficiency, health concerns, and control of light intensity.

Architectural Design: New Working Spaces


IKEA 2007 - Affordable Solutions For Better Living - Last Edition
PDF Format | ~200 Full Color Pages | Size: 20.27 Mb

It's a FREE catalogue!
UK version:


Setting up a complete offi ce should be easy. And it is! Start here to discover what the wide furniture
selection, convenient services, and small price tags at IKEA can do for your business.
Look forward to a complete offer:
Business solutions that work. Prices that surprise. Styles that inspire.
Quality that lasts. Services that simplify. All under one roof – and
available at your IKEA store now!

PDF Format | 6 MB File Size | 28 Full Color Pages


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IKEA 2007 Main Catalogue
PDF | English | 32.6 MB

Main catalogue
Life Begins at Home

Are you so busy chasing your own tail in the hectic modern world that you've forgotten the lovely art of just being home, nesting? Getting your home organised around your life, and styled the way you want it, is sure to increase that sense of well-being. So let us help you create a home that works the way you want it to, so you can ease back on the throttle, and take time out to enjoy what life has to offer, in your own perfect world: home. 2007 Main Catalogue.html



IKEA 2007
PDF Format | 285 Full Color Pages | Size: 20.3 Mb

IKEA furniture is well known for its modern, utilitarian design. Also, because much of it is self-assembly furniture (also known as “flat-pack”), it is designed to be assembled by the consumer rather than being sold pre-assembled.