Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering: Volume 1

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Title: Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering: Volume 1 (Standard Handbook of Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering)
ISBN: 0884156427
Author: Ph.D., P.E.,, William C. Lyons
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing
Edition: 6th edition (October 16, 1996)
Hardcover: 1436 pages
Petroleum engineering now has its own true classic handbook that reflects the profession´s status as a mature major engineering discipline.
Formerly titled the Practical Petroleum Engineer´s Handbook, by Joseph Zaba and W.T. Doherty (editors), this new, completely updated two-volume set is expanded and revised to give petroleum engineers a comprehensive source of industry standards and engineering practices. It is packed with the key, practical information and data that petroleum engineers rely upon daily.
The result of a fifteen-year effort, this handbook covers the gamut of oil and gas engineering topics to provide a reliable source of engineering and reference information for analyzing and solving problems. It also reflects the growing role of natural gas in industrial development by integrating natural gas topics throughout both volumes.
More than a dozen leading industry experts-academia and industry-contributed to this two-volume set to provide the best , most comprehensive source of petroleum engineering information available.